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We recommend that all Adventurers wear appropriate, comfortable sportswear. 

Please also note:


  • Wear clothes that are not too loose and baggy (you don’t want to get them caught on anything).
  • All climbers (MegaClimb) must be wearing closed-toe shoes such as trainers or walking shoes (no slippers/ flip flops).
  • If it is wet or raining you will still have lots of fun exploring, however, we recommend a waterproof jacket.
  • We encourage you to cover your shoulders, waist and thighs so the harness can be as comfortable as possible.
  • Skirts and dresses are not recommended.
  • Lockers and bottled water are provided.


We completely understand that you will want to take some photos while you’re exploring the Park. Because of the risk of phones and cameras falling and hitting other climbers, you must have your phone and or camera attached to you via a lanyard, these are available for purchase at the park if you don’t have your own. Make sure you post your awesome photos and tag us in them at #MyMegaAdventure


After a few hours of climbing we guarantee that you will be hungry and thirsty! Staying hydrated whilst you are climbing is very important, so enjoy the free flowing water throughout your day.


There is nothing better than being outdoors, however, we do ask that you remember to play it safe and ensure that you wear sunscreen and a hat.

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