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To many, Alex Blyth has had a Hollywood-style adventurer’s life, traveling to war-torn countries with the British Army, climbing mountains and trekking across Antarctica to the South Pole. Add to that a successful career in financial publishing and event management and you would think this man could rest easy, knowing he has achieved more than most already.


Instead, Alex conceived the idea of gathering experts in the high ropes world and bringing them to Asia to show the region how it should be done. His first foray was completed in 2009 and rises majestically at Imbiah Hill on Sentosa Island, Singapore. In 2015 he successfully launched the first Mega Adventure Park in Australia, a sister park to the flagship in Singapore.


Now that ‘Adventure Park Creator’ has been added to Alex’s repertoire he may decide to contemplate and enjoy his achievements, but we highly doubt it!


Mega Adventure started life just for the fun of it all: a chance to take a risk, confront a challenge and say:


“Yes, I’ll give that a bash!”


I had an idea which could combine my passion for outdoor adventure, with my business experience, and do some good for others. During my time in the army, I had used and instructed on ‘high ropes’ courses to build confidence and courage in recruits. These obstacles and activities created exhilaration and challenge for individuals and teams. With a growing appreciation and appetite for outdoor adventure pursuits, Mega Adventure was born.

Mega Adventure provides an opportunity for anyone who tries it, to discover more about themselves and the world of excitement and possibilities that surround them. What is our purpose in life? To remain safe, comfortable and untroubled by the unpredictable? Much modern technology is aimed at achieving exactly that, by reducing our exposure to the risk of harm. It’s a laudable motive, but in achieving it, we also lose the essence of life and the very emotional tools that have allowed us to thrive, ascend and evolve. Mega Adventure’s objectives are not earth shattering, ambitious or mighty. It is simply to give people the opportunity to challenge themselves through adventure.

By committing and achieving, people grow in definable measures. Confidence, courage and self-esteem build you as a person and encourage you to take paths you might not otherwise have taken. By yourself, with family, friends or colleagues – it’s a chance to take a risk and say “Yes, I can, Yes, I will. Yes, I did…”


What next?!

Founder and Managing Director



Former Army Officer with a passion for adventure and the outdoors. Qualified as an Aeronautical Engineer and Pilot, Zishan's experiences has taken him all over South East Asia, the Middle East and Australia.

Zishan Amir

General Manager - Mega Adventure Park Singapore

Since a young boy, Stephen has been interested in outdoor adventure and is passionate about getting people outside and bringing the adventure to urban communities, which has taken him to Singapore, Dubai, Canada, and Australia

Steve Grundy

General Manager - Mega Adventure Park Adelaide


Affectionately known as the Blue Monkeys, the Operations Team at Mega Adventure have been creating awesome experiences for guests over the years. These guys and girls take “Fun” to a whole new level and every single one of them brings along a unique personality trait which never fails to entertain. In 2015, the Blue Monkeys sent 120,000 guests flying down the MegaZip, clocking a total distance of 54,000 km (That’s 1.35 times around the world!!).

Our Vision

Mega Adventure successfully provides adventure experiences to over 500,000 people in urban communities each year. Everything we do is based on our four core values:



Motivation creates action, essential for exploring limits and achieving results.


Through exploration people discover their potential, learn about others and evolve as a team.


Exposure to physical and mental challenges promotes natural development.


The combination of motivation, exploration, and growth create the optimal environment for achievement.


Mega Adventure brings adventure to urban communities and is absolute in its commitment to the intrinsic value of adventure as a part of everyday life


We do this in a way that motivates people to better themselves by encouraging the exploration of personal adventure and rewards. We challenge people to recognise their individual achievements, which ultimately drive personal growth.


Our OFFICE is your Playground

– Alex Blyth

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